Pumpkin’s Peripatetic Poop

I usually scoop the poop out of Pumpkin’s litter box into a baggie people use to clean up after their dogs. Then, if I’m not interested in checking to make sure he’s not in the garage before I open the door, I put the baggie atop the spare tire on the back of the CRV. Planning to take it out when I take the car out.

Forgot it (of course) this afternoon, so when I took Mr. Boy for his haircut, I noticed as we were cruising through the neighborhood the baggie was still there atop the tire. I figured it would blow off. Brisk wind today. It didn’t. Entering the freeway, I was sure it would blow off. It slid in between the tire and the back window and stayed put.

I forgot about it at the barbershop and didn’t notice until the CRV was back in the garage that the poop bag was still there. Finally disposed of it properly. A little amazed at how persistent Pumpkin’s peripatetic poop can be. Heh.

2 responses to “Pumpkin’s Peripatetic Poop

  1. At least you didn’t put it on the car’s roof, as goes the tradition in my family… quite a few items went that way.

  2. I lost a good camera and a Kindle in a nice leather case that way. Hopefully I’ve learned that lesson. But probably not.