Trump tied with Ted—In Texas!

“Six days before Super Tuesday, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are now tied in Texas, according to a new public opinion poll commissioned by WFAA-TV (Channel 8 in Dallas). Cruz and Trump both had 32 percent support from likely and actual GOP primary voters, with a 3.9 percent margin of error.”


Via PJMedia.

4 responses to “Trump tied with Ted—In Texas!

  1. Doesn’t look good for your Ted if even in the home state he is tied.

  2. Nope, sure doesn’t. Remains to be seen if this finding persists, but I expect it will. The Thumper is ascendant.

  3. I hear fat boy from jersey endorsed trump today. That seals it. Fat boy goes with the winner any time it’s possible, and he rarely guesses wrong. Witness the hurricane Sandy hugs, the “working with” the democrats in that pissant state, what was the name of it again?

  4. Pissant is a good name for it, though some of the rural parts are beautiful. I have no use at all for Christie, but he does seem to know which way the fat rolls.