Wildflowers in South Texas

“My flower garden ain’t much to look at huh? Under the drip from the fresh water fill on the NO Princess Palace gives it just that teeeny edge necessary to survive in this harsh environment.   I got an irritating habit of forgetting the water is on when I fill the tank and many times there is some blow by.   The wildflowers herald the start of Spring down here in South Texas and today was the first day to swap over to the summer uniform.”

Meaning shorts, vented shirt and closed-toe sandals. I’m surprised we’re actually ahead on the wildflowers and me on the shorts. Might want to try a vented shirt once the heavenly broiler gets turned up, but that’s a few months away yet.

Via Andy at MyOldRV

2 responses to “Wildflowers in South Texas

  1. Sandals? Makes me almost cry. We are looking at intermittent rains till the end of March at least.

  2. Has turned cold here, with overnights in the forties, but expected to warm up again by mid-week.