First Mooch’s lunch rules, now this

“The Obama administration plans to continue its war on food and food manufacturers with proposed guidelines for sodium consumption.

Despite “New studies show[ing] the government recommended sodium consumption level actually puts people at risk of death.”

Well, that’s no surprise. Their low-fat commands to food processors in the 1960s spurred 1980s epidemics of obesity and diabetes. Science’s reversal of their cholesterol edict was so embarrassing they hid it deep in a 572-page government report in 2015. Now, against their own research, the feds are going to try to get salt out of our diets.

Follow their food guidelines at your peril.

2 responses to “First Mooch’s lunch rules, now this

  1. Yeah. Remember the war against smoking by the Clintons at their time?
    The leaders seem to choose an easy target, to allow for following victory reports.

  2. They do what all pols do, throw up some irritating distraction, like new rules on abortion or guns, so they can spend their work time soliciting, depositing, and investing lobby money. It takes a village, you know, a village of lobbyists for a pol to get rich. Which is the main reason most of them are in the game.