Driving or texting?

It’s not what you think. Not another one of those Don’t Text and Drive sermons.

It’s the observation of the father of one of Mr. B.’s chums. He noted that his 16-year-old son has no particular interest in getting his driver’s license. It reminded me of how slowly Mr. B. has been about moving through the end of his driving lessons. Putting the last ones off. Doing them once a week or every ten days.

My friend said when he and I were this age, we needed that driving license to get out of the house, to see friends, to go to the movies, to get out from under the parental thumb. Whereas nowadays, he said, they have private phones to talk and text with, Netflix to stream movies on, Xbox to play multi role player games with their friends, while talking to them on headsets, amid all the comforts of home.

Why go out? Why drive? Especially in Austin’s godawful traffic?

I suppose they’ll be too old for the real-life virtual reality games that are coming. That generation might be even less interested in getting a driver’s license. If unpopular public transportation can’t save the environment from the automobile, maybe the iphone and the Internet  can, eh?

2 responses to “Driving or texting?

  1. The increase of interest in the other gender will get them out eventually.