Too much science is bullshit

“Maverick researchers have long argued that much of what gets published in elite scientific journals is fundamentally squishy — that the results tell a great story but can’t be reproduced when the experiments are run a second time.

“…Over the course of four years, 270 researchers attempted to reproduce the results of 100 experiments that had been published in three prestigious psychology journals. It was awfully hard. They ultimately concluded that they’d succeeded just 39 times.”

And it’s not just psychology that has a problem. Climate science anyone? So the next time King Barack or one of his minions says the science is settled, you’d be wise to be skeptical. Even if his worshipers want you thrown in jail for doubting his Earness.

Via the Wapo.

3 responses to “Too much science is bullshit

  1. Old saying in the world of science: if you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle ’em with bullshit.

  2. It is too many researches of dubious quality, whose main success lying in their ability to persuade bureaucrats in funding them. The taxpayers bear…

  3. It’s a back-scratching game. The bureaucrats need to fund, the scientists need to be funded. Nobody looks too close, until the pols start touting conclusions in things like climate change. Or corporate researchers try to replicate the findings.