Lying is what she does

Don’t blame the Hildabeast. She can’t help herself. Lying is what she does.

“Hillary Clinton says that male soccer players on the U.S. national team are making hundreds of thousands of dollars more each year than female players. ‘This would be outrageous if it were true. But it isn’t,’ notes the Journal’s Allysia Finley. ‘Since 2008, six national-team men and six women have earned more than $1 million from the Federation. And according to ESPN, 14 of the 25 highest-earning national-team players over the past four years have been women, whose compensation averaged $695,269.’”

But don’t pity her, either. Fooling the uninformed is how the Uterus has made her political bones.


4 responses to “Lying is what she does

  1. Yeah, but does she know she’s lying? I’m starting to wonder if she has any idea what she’s saying on any subject at all, or just says what her handlers tell her to say. I think she’s running on her last brain cell, and in very precarious health.

  2. There’s a lot of truth in what you say jdallen. I think a lot of the left has started believing it’s own propaganda, especially the ones in DC.

  3. Lying is what any pol does, getting caught too quickly is a sign of a poor pol.

  4. “Running on her last brain cell”

    I hope you’re right. I’d much prefer Bernie run against Trump or better yet our Ted. Not that the Uterus, as I am going to start calling her, would be formidable, except with the uninformed. But why take a chance?