The Climate Prosecution Club

The First Church of Climate Change is not only threatening to put dissenters in jail, it is prosecuting companies and private think tanks that don’t come to the progressive altar, genuflect on bended knee and sing hallelujah with the rest of the choir.

“Mr. Walker belongs to this climate prosecution club and so he unleashed his subpoena attack on CEI, as well as on DCI Group, a Washington-based PR firm that represents free-market and fossil fuel groups. His demand for a decade’s worth of papers on climate research is a form of harassment. The process is itself punishment, intended to raise the cost of speaking freely on climate policy lest it invite legal bills and other political headaches.”

Land of the free? Increasingly not. Home of the brave? That remains to be seen.

“Rather than play defense, the targets of the climate police need to fight back with lawsuits of their own.” Hallelujah!


One response to “The Climate Prosecution Club

  1. Reminds me of Putin’s “managed democracy”. Well, he didn’t invent it himself, but the genius is there.