Corporations win, consumers lose

Uber and Lyft have left Austin, thanks to the bureaucrats and their taxi cartel.

“Say NO to corporate rule!” was one of the ironic, liberal-alluring slogans the corporate cartel used to fight a pro-ride sharing referendum that failed 48,673 to 38,539.

T-shirt sloganeers like to call Austin “weird” and it truly is because so many things are backward, despite the supposedly “progressive” outlook of a majority of the populace. All you have to do is appeal to their unthinking attitudes about such things as development and corporations and they’ll sit up and bark like good little doggies for a bacon treat. Thanks, morons!

Via The Daily Signal.

2 responses to “Corporations win, consumers lose

  1. Which reminds me of a famous saying by a Russian politico of the nineties: “We wanted to make it good but it ended as always”. A rare moment of truth that. The lefties haven’t grokked it yet.

  2. The left has its head so far up its posterior it doesn’t know there is such a thing as daylight.