R.I.P. Joe Bol


Joe Bol, friend, OCS classmate, rare reader and occasional commenter here, passed on to the next world Wednesday, from complications of multiple medical problems. Adios, Joe, see you again on the turnaround and may our next incarnations not include a thankless political travesty like the Vietnam War.

Via his adopted son Joseph Bol.

UPDATE:  Obit for Joe with updated photo. Pity for the misspellings and the usual military ignorance of our non-serving, self-centered fellow citizens. Thus he is credited with a Bronze Medal for Vietnam, as if he had been competing in the Olympics. It’s Bronze Star Medal, of course. Nothing at all about where he went to school or his occupation after the war. I don’t know the former but, IIRC, he was an accountant for the New Jersey Sports & Exposition Authority, which promotes professional athletics, horse racing, etc.

7 responses to “R.I.P. Joe Bol

  1. As you already know, I and many other ex-Soviets do have a different view and are thankful to all who fought and, especially, to all those who died there. That it was one of the “bad wars” notwithstanding.

  2. I know. But we who labored in it and survived reaped no personal benefits from it whatsoever. Quite the contrary. As the VVA organizing fliers used to say: “Until now the only Vietnam veterans who got any respect were those who came home in a box.” And no respect was just the surface of the matter after assholes like Lurch Kerry got through creating the “baby killer” meme.

  3. Sennacherib

    There are few things that can get me angry these days, but that thing that is Secretary of State is one of them. Not even Shakespeare had the words to describe what a vile and loathsome creature he represents as he slithers through the slime and excrescence of his self regard..

  4. Sennacherib

    Damn him and damn all the so called “progressive democrats” ghouls who have fed on the bones of that place and those who went, to this very day.

  5. Imagine how reviled the “greatest generation” would have been if the reporting of their fighting had not been censored and their battlefields were swarming with journalists in search of “atrocities” as ours were. Not to mention no clear objectives, a peace conference ongoing in another country, and mobs of anti-war protesters at home and abroad. And they wondered why we lost and then tried to deny us membership in the VFW and American Legion. Of course now we run both groups and are much more magnanimous to what I think of as the “segregation generation” than they were.

  6. Sennacherib

    Re: Above. Oh, I pretty much agree with you Stanley. I will say that that generation was not as deceitful, cynical, and whores for power as some of our generation has been. Still I shouldn’t let my temper get the better of me, so sorry about the outburst (I may have to go to the “stool of silence” for a bit).

  7. I liked your outburst. Nothing there I would argue with. 😉