Nine years ago on Texas Scribbler

Texas as desert

May 27, 2007

Mouth of the Brazos makes a good point in reviewing the famous John Wayne movie “The Searchers.” Good as the story is, the landscape pretending to be Texas is Utah or Arizona, somewhere flat, dry and dusty.

I still run across Yankees who are amazed to discover we have trees and grass and rolling hills. All because of movies like that one. Good as it is. (But, not being a movie lover, I think Alan Lemay’s book was better.)

5 responses to “Nine years ago on Texas Scribbler

  1. Sennacherib

    When I lived in Germany and any German found out I was from Texas, I became an instant celebrity. But, they were also convinced that Texas was nothing but sand, cactus, and cowboys and indians. Absolutely nothing I said would convince then otherwise, so I decided to go ahead and play it for all it was worth.
    My favorite to tell was about the dangers of the armadillos being in rut and congregating in enormous herds. You had to be especially careful as they were particularly skittish at this time and many Texans died in surprise armadillo stampedes. They ate it up with rapt attention. Then of course there was the Indian menace, particularly acute on fridays and saturdays.

  2. Haha! That’s shameless of you. But no more than the Germs deserve.

  3. Charles Button

    In the late 1990’s our daughter was attending SMU in Dallas and an east coast student found out she was from Oklahoma City and she asked our daughter if she lived in a teepee.
    I told her to tell the girl, No. But, tell her that we did just put new siding on the mobile home.

  4. Heh. Thanks for the comment Charles. My grandfather studied engineering at SMU where he met my grandmother who was then teaching Latin. It apparently hasn’t changed much. But there has always been mockery of Oklahoma in Texas.

  5. Yes, that phenomenon of Hollywood redefining your climate and nature is well known. Go figure. Although, to tell the truth, Arizona has more exciting views, of course. Can’t be helped, unless you all decide to grab Arizona before seceding from the Union 😉