Another reason not to live in California

The California state senate has now banned the manufacture and sale of semiautomatic rifles with detachable magazines. Adios AR-15s, the most popular hunting and sporting rifle in the U.S.

“Lawmakers approved 11 bills including measures mandating background checks for Californians buying ammunition and outlawing the manufacture and sale of semiautomatic rifles with detachable magazines.”

If the state assembly concurs and the governor signs off, then it looks like banning ownership of such rifles could be next. Then California can expect the departure of thousands more of its citizens.

Not that the libs will care. Not until they realize their taxes will have to go up to take up the slack from all the departures. Worse, we’ll get more of these flakes. We’re already up to our eyeballs in Californicators fleeing their tarnished “golden” state.

3 responses to “Another reason not to live in California

  1. I had no idea how many rifles on the AR frame are running around out there. My stepson has two, now. One he won, and one he traded a truck bed for. The one he won is sniper modified, I think. Heavy as hell, bigass scope, bipod.

  2. It is a little amazing how many hunters carry them for deer and other animals nowadays. They certainly look more menacing than the old bolt-action rifles with walnut stocks. That menace is what is helping the anti-gunners in their quest to disarm us all. They don’t care about details such as the civilian AR-15’s single-shot semiauto character. They can get away with calling them “assault rifles” because they look just like the fully automatic military version, and that’s all the rube politicians need to know.

  3. I wonder where Californians will get the money for the guns anyway, what with their skyrocketing prices for everything. Of course they flee the place.