Guns made black civil rights possible

As this new book demonstrates, including notice of “the arsenal” the great author of non-violence Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. kept for self-defense.

“In This Nonviolent Stuff’ll Get You Killed, civil rights scholar Charles E. Cobb, Jr. reveals how nonviolent activists and their allies kept the civil rights movement alive by bearing—and, when necessary, using—firearms. Whether patrolling their neighborhoods, garrisoning their homes, or firing back at attackers, these men and women were crucial to the movement’s success, as were the weapons they carried.”

It’s ironic the first black (well, half-black) president is such a demon for disarming Americans. But the world’s greatest gun salesman didn’t grow up in the mainland U.S., nor experience Southern segregation and the KKK is only a story to him. Would reading this book change his mind? Has anything else in almost eight years? He is a man of conviction. Not to mention stupidity.

Via Instapundit.

3 responses to “Guns made black civil rights possible

  1. Wow, this must be quite an argument. The only problem with ideologies is that they are not prone to arguments (and facts).

  2. Sennacherib

    There really are no “rights” except those gained and maintained by force of arms.

  3. The argument about civil rights history works because the gun part was hidden from the news media, as the book makes plain, so only the non-violent protesters have been enshrined. Even the gun owners (and sometimes users) were reticent about exposure. Because in those days the government, including the feds, was not on the side of emancipation from segregation.