Got your towel?

I have mine. After all, this is Towel Day all over the galaxy. Not to mention the known universe. Not sure about the 11 extra dimensions. Or whether our reptilian overlords (see Infowars) are going to allow it or quash it. We shall see.

Via Simon Thomas Gentle (a disguise rare readers hereabouts will recognize.)

4 responses to “Got your towel?

  1. I thought he was dead.

  2. He is but his towel isn’t.

  3. Sennacherib

    Loved his stuff. I always remember the planet populated solely with ad men.

  4. Reminds of a SpongeBob computer game I played with Mr. B. years ago. It was a first-person shooter, actually. The enemy to dodge and otherwise avoid (no shooting in this kids game) were salesmen. They wore suits and carried briefcases.