The Medicare loophole

Our health care insurance provider (that’s a mouthful) notifies me that they won’t consider a recent claim for a doctor visit that produced a prescription for antibiotics for a minor, but painful, infection. Unless they have a copy of my medical summary on the case from Medicare.

And if they don’t hear from me on this in 45 days they will cancel the claim. Hey bozos, it’s been 90 days since I submitted an application to Medicare for Part B of their glorious “benefits” and I have heard exactly NOTHING.

Moreover, I learned the other day that if a doc-in-the-box doesn’t take Medicare, get this: Under federal rules (oh, goody, more rules) Medicare folks like me aren’t allowed to pay for health care services with a credit card at places that don’t take Medicare. I’m a prisoner of Medicare. Any wonder I’m a budding Libertarian?

2 responses to “The Medicare loophole

  1. I don’t know what to say about the financial side of US health industry. It seems to be a thorough mess, and the only way out might be to throw it away altogether and to start from scratch.

  2. Too logical. Especially when the solons are on the take from the various lobbies. Not to mention their pals in the bureaucracies would be threatened with losing their jobs.