Facebook is a huge time suck and, near as I can tell, worth neither the time nor the suck. Our pal Mr. Goon (who uses another alias on FB) seems to enjoy it. He posts there a few dozen times every day.

An old girlfriend of mine from high school posts at least a hundred times a day. She claims to be married. I hope she’s a widow because otherwise her husband is a Facebook widower. There are such things.

Anyhow, she’s of the liberal (read leftist, though liberals seldom admit to leftism) persuasion so she doesn’t hit the like button on mine very often. But I try to mix the politics up with jokes about cats and so she does occasionally. When she does I feel the need to respond in kind. Then I run across all the usual leftist crap about greedy corporations, lying Republicans and how we need more rules and taxes for another deserving something or other.

And, lately, a big push for the Hildabeast for president. Eww.

So eww that the last time I visited and saw another Hildabeast promo I couldn’t help myself. I wrote “Slick Willie’s cuckold” in the comments. Bam! The old girlfriend replied: “Are you beyond help?” Before I could respond she unfriended me. Can’t get into her place anymore.

No big loss. She wasn’t much of a girlfriend, either. Oh, I liked her plenty when I was eighteen. Then I grew up.

2 responses to “Unfriended

  1. Well, a few dozen times will be a slight exaggeration, but if you count responses to all kinds of friends’ posts, then yes.

    Anyway, FB friends are like leaves on a tree: you lose some, you gain some…

  2. Good metaphor. So far, however, I only have the losing, not the gaining.