Feds further restrict opioids

Tar and feathers are too good for these big government motherfuckers. Who are, quite simply, always on the lookout for new ways to justify their fat salaries and skinny efforts. While the pols are too busy thieving to help. Rope. Lamp post.

“You can bet that if the powers that be were in intractable pain they would figure out a way to get the opioids. I have a mother-in-law with spinal stenosis who was in so much pain last week that she was crying vigorously. She’s a stoic who has hardly ever cried in her entire life, but the pain was unbearable. We were able to get her fentanyl patches and the pain is reduced. However, the doctors are limited in what they can give her and it is quite scary.” —veryskeptic

“What’s it like for the kids when your mom is suffering excruciating pain because the doctor’s afraid to prescribe her enough medication to deal with the pain caused by cancer? When it seems to take an act of Congress to get a prescription for synthetic THC to deal with nausea brought on by the anti-cancer medication? When your mother starves to death because she can’t eat for the nausea and pain? And you have to watch her suffer and die because some bureaucrat was worried she might become addicted.” —Rob Crawford

Mrs. Charm was also a stoic and she was also in bad pain from her lymphoma cancer but in her case it was more a stubborn refusal to buck bad medical advice than government interference. When she finally did agree to take the pills and later the injections she died in relative peace.

My grandfather, however, died in excruciating pain because his spinal cancer occurred at a time (1935) when the bureaucrats were just starting to restrict the opioids that had, throughout his life, been available without a prescription.

Big government is not your friend. Whatever lying dipshits like Obama and Clinton say.

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4 responses to “Feds further restrict opioids

  1. There are plenty of sources for marijuana, or any other drug you like, or need, other than the local CVS. You just have to be a bit daring…

  2. Marijuana to smoke, which many people can’t do. And I still don’t understand how it can relieve nausea, though it certainly seems to. In my experience it enhances whatever you’re feeling at the time. Street drugs, particularly opiods, frequently are adulterated with everything from sugar to rat poison.

  3. Extract the THC and you needn’t smoke it. There are all kinds of ways to do that, most of which are delineated somewhere on the web. I always wanted to do it, for the chemistry of it, you understand, not for the enjoyment. But I’d need an appreciable quantity of high THC material with which to experiment.

  4. Yes, government could do that to people. We had recently a minister of health, thankfully deposed soon, whose main idea was to exterminate marijuana completely. Including for medical uses. And some other deadly ideas. Just because.