When seconds count, the cops are hours away

Lost in the hub-bub over Orlando and who’s to blame and what should be done (short of something useful like banning immigration from countries that impose gay-murdering sharia law) is the little-known fact that the cops waited almost three hours to take down the killer.

The massacre began close to 2 a.m. but it was three hours later when the cops finally slew the lone killer. Some patrons said he had an automatic rifle, which they would know from a fire-hose sound versus the closely-spaced individual shots of a semi-auto. Indeed, most of the 100 plus dead and wounded occurred in the first 10-20 minutes.

Automatic rifles are illegal for civilians but there are black-market devices to change semi-auto to auto and perfectly legal replacement stocks enabling what is called Bump Fire or Slide Fire. They are hard to aim and therefore useless except as a novelty—or for mass murdering on the crowded dance floor of a nightclub.

The cops claim the event became a hostage situation after those first few minutes. And that kept them at bay until 5 a.m. Or it may just have been excessive prudence on their part. Nowadays public safety generally takes a backseat to cop safety.

One more reason to wish that a few more than the security guard at the nightclub were armed. Or was it another of those asinine gun-free zones?When you see such a sign on an establishment bigger than a sandwich shop you’d be wise to go somewhere else. You cannot count on the cops. They will not save you.

2 responses to “When seconds count, the cops are hours away

  1. In fact automatic rifle, with it tendency to spread wide, would be unneeded in this situation, against unarmed people who didn’t even consider to stampede the shooter and thus overwhelm him. It was just like shooting fish in a barrel.

  2. Probably. But there’s audio from the club suggesting he was firing auto. Much too fast for even a trained shooter to pull the trigger each time.