The Dallas dead and wounded

This is why passive,uncooperative Irish Democracy is always a better solution to tyranny than gunfire. Cops in Minnesota and Louisiana killed two black men and a black male sniper in Dallas killed four five police officers and wounded six more, several of them critically.

The Dallas officers obviously weren’t the shooters in Minnesota and Louisiana. So their deaths won’t in any way make the Minnesota and Louisiana police more cautious in the future. Killing the innocent in retaliation is not only stupid. It just escalates the situation all around.

Peace to all of the families of the dead and disabled. Let’s hope it stops before even more die. As the Instapundit says: 1968 sucked the first time around. And it included two political assassinations: Dr. King and Robert Kennedy.

Via FoxNews

2 responses to “The Dallas dead and wounded

  1. Sennacherib

    This is going to change most everything. Exactly how, I’m not sure. In the old days it would be political death for democrats i.e. 68′, but I’m not so sure this time.

  2. Could be. At the very least it will ensure more police killings. The cops already had itchy trigger fingers. Now they have even more reason to feel threatened. If it was anybody but Trump for the Republicans, it might doom the Democrats indeed. As it is…