The crook versus the racist

So some are styling the coming presidential election. The crooked Hildabeast versus the racist Trump. Gonorrhea or syphilis.

Except I think most people of whatever political stripe do believe that she’s a crook whereas whether he’s a racist or not entirely depends on your political viewpoint.

If Trump’s various tweeting peccadillos are racist, well, that’s the sort of nonsense the Democrat news media hangs on every Republican nominee every four years. If his alleged intention to build a wall on the southern border to at least slow down the waves of new, mainly-Hispanic illegals is racism, well shet my mouf and call me a racist, too, ’cause I’m all for the wall. The higher the better. Not that I ever expect to see one—certainly not in the Rio Grande Valley.

But it’s obvious to me (and I think to most Democrats in their heart of hearts) that Mrs. Clinton is incredibly corrupt. Lying and thieving. And her husband and their daughter (barely out of college and worth $15 million already) and their entourage. Not to mention our little Barry Hussein and AG Lynch. Perhaps Comey as well.

But only the Hildabeast is running for president. If she wins she will go down in history as the most corrupt president—even before she takes the oath. Fortunately it won’t really make all that much difference. Not even eight years of her.

As National Review’s Kevin D. Williamson puts it so well: “Yes, it matters who the president is, but not as much as we think. It matters what the character of our government is and who we entrust to run it, but not as much as we think. Jackass A or Jackass B will do his or her worst, to be sure, and the damage will be both real and painful, but America will go on, because America doesn’t actually need these jackasses as much as Americans think.”

Nor the furriners who have no vote and wring their hands over it all from a distance.

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4 responses to “The crook versus the racist

  1. It definitely matters who is on the Supreme Court, however.

  2. Yes, you are correct. I know I certainly ignore them.

  3. I’ve read that back in the beginning the Supremes would issue rulings that were ignored because they couldn’t get them enforced. They were just talking to themselves. Could be that will come back, especially if the Hildabeast wins and nominates a few really outrageous radicals. It could be really amusing.