Slick & W implicated in Saudi coverup

Those classified 9/11 investigation documents recently released—and dismissed by the snooze media as unimportant—in fact show two presidential administrations ignoring Saudi support for jihadis.

“The scandalous revelations could impact the [2016] presidential campaign because the Clinton Administration had eight years to address this Saudi network in America. The Bush Administration was in office for only 9 months, but cannot be absolved of blame. The files do not indicate that any change in direction was ordered before the attacks and it chose to classify the pages exposing the Saudis in the 2002 report.”

No surprise that both parties would be involved. Their honchos are the ruling class and the ruling class calls the shots. We peasants always find out too late.

And, in this case, the ruling class has been on the take from the Saudis for a long, long time.

Via Clarion Project.

UPDATE:  W and the O Man likewise implicated in Iran coverup.

3 responses to “Slick & W implicated in Saudi coverup

  1. Told ya Bush was a dick. You said I had BDS, remember.

  2. Did I really? A thousand pardons.

  3. Apology happily accepted. He was better than the alternative at the time of his election, but that did not make him less of a dick. I don’t have anything against dicks, exactly. For instance. I have always been partial to my own.