Barry’s chickens are flying home to roost

Three more dead police and a fourth one in critical condition in Baton Rouge.

And our little Barry Hussein disingenuously wringing his hands. Lecturing us all to stop killing police. But we aren’t all killing police. Just his racial brethren. The latest one a former Marine and National of Islam member who railed against “crackers” on YouTube. He said the Dallas police murders were “justice.”

Our little Barry Hussein’s “nuanced” equivalences between thug behavior and police response for the past 7.5 years has finally brought us to this pass reminiscent, as Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal puts it “of a third world country.”

Barry’s chickens are home to roost. With no small help from the Democrat snooze media, of course, which will now launch into its own lecturing. Without mentioning race, of course. Race only enters their picture when blacks are victims. Well, other than Montrell Jackson, the black cop in Baton Rouge who was murdered this morning. Wonder how they’ll twist that one.

If this keeps up, and I see no reason why it won’t, with Black Lies Matter still blocking highways and the usual race-baiters like Barry’s pal Al Sharpton in full cry, Trump is going to win in a landslide that makes Nixon’s triumph in 1972 look puny.

Not that that would be a bad thing (anything is better than eight years of the Hildabeast and more Democrat-inspired racial animosity and an awful economy) but the police body count could become a little extreme. It’s already at eight, with nine likely soon.

And you’ll need to be sure to remember to keep both hands on top of the wheel when stopped by police on the highway. They are bound to be touchy.

Via FoxNews & Althouse.

UPDATE: From City Journal: The Fire Spreads

2 responses to “Barry’s chickens are flying home to roost

  1. Dick, I learned a new word from your linked update – “de-policing”; Interesting. Interesting as well (to me) that the first salvos of a race war have perhaps gone across the bow unnoticed by the mindless-ennials looking for some pokemons.

    Yes sir, we are living in interesting times.

  2. It would certainly be understandable if the cops pulled back from aggressive policing. They must be tired of being whacked for alleged racism and now must watch their own backs as well.