Nailing the Bag Lady & Slick

Some days, the commenters at WSJ just hit the mark. As this one from Kenneth Gimbel, which by mid-morning had drawn 23 “likes”which qualified it for the editorial page’s coveted Thumbs Up.

“The Bag Lady is no Tammy Wynette [i.e. standing by her man when he was accused of womanizing]. Ms. Wynette was a real woman, an independent and successful woman and a great talent[.] Ms. Clinton is a greedy, mendacious, power hungry carpet bagger who rose to prominence on the coattails of her white trash husband.”

It is to laugh. So true, so true. Just have to hope she doesn’r become President Bag Lady. But, these days, in the sour Obama Age, when DNC corruption gets a news media pass and the Dem electorate [judging by the party’s platform] is mostly interested in the freebies [free college, free heath care] the feds are too broke to pay for, you never know.


3 responses to “Nailing the Bag Lady & Slick

  1. I resent people saying Bill Clinton was/is white trash. His stepfather had a successful car dealership in Hot Springs. That ain’t white trash, yall.

    I know this because my family is white trash, i.e., oil field trash. So I resent my people being placed in juxtaposition to the damn upper middle class weenies we used to scare the piss out of at school

  2. Heh. It wasn’t his origin as much as his behavior, especially as governor. Monica and that other woman who claimed he fondled her in what will now ever be known as the Oral Office notwithstanding.

  3. White trash is cruising The Piney Woods on a Sunday morning and counting the people dealing with the consequences of Saturday Night:
    1) Passed out in their cars in the driveway
    2) Passed out in the yard between the car and the driveway
    3) Throwing up from the porch of their single-wide.