Blaming the commies

Really have enjoyed the release of the DNC emails, which, among other things show how PC unsurprisingly is a joke at PC headquarters. But a really big laugh is the Bag Lady’s blaming the Russians for the heist of the Dirtycrats soiled laundry.

Whether Putin’s minions did it or not we can bet there’s going to be an October surprise to end them all—either more DNC crapola or some of the Hildabeast’s high security stuff from her basement servers. That would be especially rich.

As Bart Cormier comments at WSJ:  “It will be a matter of timing, but soon it’s likely we will learn of a trudge of incriminating emails that possibly underscore her disregard for protecting national sensitive and classified data, but also drops a bomb on the Clinton Foundation budding scandal.  Only the mentally warped and blind will support her then.”

Or the perpetually uninformed, of which there are many millions, and the welfare queens and kings who could care less from whom the check comes as long as it comes.


UPDATE:  Then Trump hits the hilarity apogee by running with the idea in his own merciless way: “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing.” Because, as one wag at The Atlantic put it: “Holding Hillary accountable is a job Americans won’t do.”

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