Marion Le Pen: Fight Islamism!

In addition to being quite the babe, the young member of the French parliament is straight-up tough on Islam, especially after the Catholic priest’s beheading as he celebrated Mass. But it was only the most spectacular of a string of 810 attacks on churches and cemeteries:

“Either we kill Islamism or it will kill us again and again,” she said. “You are with us and against Islamism, or you are against us and for Islamism… Those who choose the status quo become complicit with our enemies.”

Sounds like the early W immediately after 9/11 before he lost his nerve and shamefully dubbed Islam a “religion of peace.”

Via Middle East Forum.

4 responses to “Marion Le Pen: Fight Islamism!

  1. Unfortunately, not too many people are listening to her. If you are comfortable with your head in the sand, it will take a lot of convincing for you to pull your head out. Some people just don’t want to be bothered.

    • The great European decline in Christian observance probably contributes to the indifference. Even the famous cathedrals, like Notre Dame, are mostly empty on Sundays,

  2. akakyakakyevich

    And to be massively and completely pedantic-yes, I know, being a pedantic asshome is who and what I am–Mass is a proper noun in this context and is therefore capitalized.