The Dragon Lady is an Android

Funny comment over at Althouse on the Democrats’ Android nominee.

“This wide open hysterical looking ‘gaping maw’ (perfect) look is really troubling. It is as if she can’t just smile or laugh normally. She must be over the top. Huge!!! Maybe she thinks it reduces the wrinkles of a normal smiling face.

“The other thing that she does, which we routinely make fun of, is that when coming on stage or in public in addition to the giant fake open mouth thing, she waves and points at random people in the crowd as if she personally is singling them out for her favor or attention. We say. ‘Oh look. Hillary is point to her imaginary friends again’. Point, wave, gaping maw smile, rinse and repeat. I often wonder if the people she is pointing at turn around and see who is behind them that she is waving at. Wut me?

“Then there is the fake and horrible, spine chilling, hair raising cackling laugh she has.

“Like a robot or alien who is programmed to imitate humans but really hasn’t quite got the programming perfected. The result is off putting, creepy and just not right.”

And what is the black spot on her tongue? Does she have thrush? Did she catch HIV from Slick Willie, the walking STD? Do they really have a sex life?

Via Althouse

UPDATE:  FrontPage Mag has a good take on her Androidness: “Eyes wide, looking suspiciously from side to side, shrilly barking lines into the microphone that stripped them of their emotional context…” Yep, she is a robot…

MORE:  A Hilarious one at that.

3 responses to “The Dragon Lady is an Android

  1. Do they really have a sex life? Some things are best not thought about, dude; they are just too scary for words

  2. I quit on Althouse some time ago, I don’t remember why. Pissed me off, somehow. I do that a lot. Probably more to do with me and my mood swings than the bloggers I dump.

    I might go back for another taste, but as a general rule, I avoid women bloggers and authors. So many of them assume gender privilege.

  3. She can be annoying. She did vote for our little Barry Hussein—twice. But I find she’s generally a judicious commentator on the passing parade. Moreover she attracts some great commenters.