We. Don’t. Care.

Ignore the FUD (Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt) that the dominant Democrat news media and the ruling class of both parties specialize in and currently are heaping on Trump at every opportunity. Repeat the three power words as a mantra, as a prayer:

We. Don’t. Care.

They only want to divert attention from their favorite: “… a proven criminal, traitor, and Marxist fanatic who despises America and would destroy it, and its constitution, forever, if she can. We won’t let her do that.”

Fear not. Trump already has ’em on the run. They are writhing, frothing…

Via Bill Quick.

2 responses to “We. Don’t. Care.

  1. Favorite line from a Kurt Schlichter column: “I’m going to vote for the imperfect vessel instead of the overflowing chamber pot.” The establishment is very much on trial and the jury is still weighing Trump’s questionable “gaffes” against the dragon lady’s slimy turds.