Before Trump’s bashing, there was Reagan’s

As efficiently summarized by commenter kennycan at Instapundit:

“It was the Republicans calling Reagan a b-movie actor with voodoo economics and a disastrous foreign policy goal of defeating the USSR that would end up in apocalyptic global disaster. He was a radical. A maniac. A dunce. A buffoon. An actor aka reality star, unread and uncouth, a Cowboy, a fascist, a Nazi, a racist bigot, a closed trade isolationist advocate with his Japanese tariffs rhetoric. Completely unfit to be POTUS.”

And, of course, the Democrats and their dominant Democrat news media happily chimed in and kept up the slander all the way up to election day.

Now, of course, even the Dems have canonized Reagan as a near-saint.

Meanwhile, Trump’s attacks on the Democrat news media are very similar to Reagan’s, if more pointed and, after so many years of their political bias, more vitriolic. Can’t hurt. Most Americans don’t trust and can’t stand the news media.

And prospective first daughter Ivanka Trump, for one, surely is learning why.

But it’s not just the news media. Nowadays, it’s also Hollyweird, television, academia, etc. Democrats all. Combined with the news media, a much more formidable enemy for Trump to defeat. Possibly impossible.

Via Instapundit.

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