Election is IQ test for America

It’s an IQ test for all of us. If we can’t turn out for Trump, in enough numbers to overcome the vote fraud the Dems already are cranking up in Indiana, Illinois and Virginia, then we’ll wind up with more of the same of everything we have now—from a terrible economy with high unemployment, low wages and a crumbling middle class to a foreign policy so wimpy that we’re liable to be assaulted by North Korea before the Russians get around to it.

Not to mention sliding closer and closer to being a third-world country.

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4 responses to “Election is IQ test for America

  1. Only third world countries elect corrupt thieves to run their country.

    With that said, it will be difficult to stop the corrupt Clinton/Progressive political machine. As you have no doubt seen, the media and universities have been pro Democrat for decades. And in this election cycle that have made their choice loud and clear.

    Dead Virginians are registering to vote in droves. I believe Virginia will also allow convicts to vote in this cycle. Some states will permit illegals to cast their illegal vote since they won’t require ID. California wants to offer illegals free Obamacare helping to maintain that state forever blue in the electoral map.

    Worst of all, Hillary wants open borders. If she wins, she will do everything she can to legalize as many Democratic voters (illegals) as she possibly can (forever tilting the scale in Democratic favor).

    This may well be the Conservatives last chance to return glory to America. A Hillary victory will send the GOP, conservatives, and the United States into eternal hell of third world status when the scales tilt heavily in favor of failed healthcare, political correctness, more food stamps and welfare, and open borders.

  2. Even a Hillary loss is but a temporary setback for the super-state. They never quit. A compromise is not enough for them, no matter how tilted toward their desires the compromise might be.

    There’s only one solution for an argument with someone who is not willing to be satisfied with a compromise solution.

    That’s right.

  3. If Trump wins and that’s a big if, he’s the negotiator Obama has never been and Congress is all about negotiation. He can also issue executive orders, now that Obama has broken that ice, which could pick apart the bureaucracy instead of the rest of us for a change. Lots of ifs and coulds but still worth trying before the other one. Revolutions almost always turn out badly.