Can he do it?

Trump seems to have won the second debate by using Slick Willie’s accusers to whip Pussygate and dominating Felonia’s boilerplate boredom and creative lies with snappy retorts and a constant return to the issues: the terrible economy, the illegal immigrant invasion, and rising crime and corruption. But can he win without Republican support?

“The real point here is [that] pundits, politicians and media will all agonize about what to say [now that he’s won a debate] based on their own self-interest, often coming to the wrong conclusions. But the people are smarter.  They know a crock when they see one.  The public has long ago factored in The Donald’s colorful past.  Some care, some don’t.  They’re more concerned about our country than the media and the politicians are, both of whom are largely concerned only with themselves.”

The media won’t give up. Bashing Republicans is what they do. Nor will the Ruling Class which Trump threatens. And even if a majority of the GOPe that bailed on him over Pussygate come back to the fold, the Democrats will be doing their damnedest to steal the election. And they have the experience and the illegally voting illegal immigrants to do it handily.

One thing’s for sure: This is the most interesting presidential election in my 72-year-old memory.

Via PJMedia‘s Roger L. Simon

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