The News War on Trump


The Nobody But Clinton network held the Trump pussygate tape for at least 2 months, until two days before the 2nd debate, when it would do him the most damage. Pravda, of the old Soviet Union, couldn’t have done it better.

UPDATE: Nothing unusual here, really. Nor the “new” allegations of Trump’s years old molesting of women. It’s all part of the MSM’s permanent smear campaign for Republican presidential nominees. They do this every four years.

4 responses to “The News War on Trump

  1. The news is joke these days. A former Miss Teen USA contestant says she was “told” Donald Trump didn’t like black people and the media is now reporting that as evidence that he’s a racist. I remember when that sort of thing was called “hearsay” and was given no credibility in the absence of supporting evidence.

  2. “pussygate” – I figure that is newspeak for panties.

    • My term for the original video in which he boasted that a star could go so far as to grab a woman’s genitals and get away with it. His enemies have since twisted that to mean that he was bragging that he had done it and gotten away with it. Then the casting call went out for women willing to claim they had been his victims. And here we are, with Trump fuming about their lies, Felonia mostly in hiding, and the Democrat media pounding him while ignoring the very interesting (and quite damning) hacked email leaks about her.