Moochele piles on

Our strangest “first lady” evah, is piling on Trump: Twisting his Pussygate words, which were about what a star could get away with, to have him bragging about actually assaulting women. Which he did not do. Either she can’t read (possible, despite her so-called Princeton degree) or like her husband she just doesn’t care about facts.

Could certainly be the latter. Afterall, there’s the “spectacular failure of her school lunch program,” writes Rick Moran of PJMedia, “as kids would rather go hungry than eat the swill her food nazis want to force them to consume.”

Of course we seldom hear about her dumb diet, the celery and carrot sticks she expected our public-school children to eat while hers gobble down French fries and greasy burgers at their private school. The snooze media either plays nice with her or, more often, ignores her completely. Which she certainly deserves.

Can’t wait to see/read/hear what Trump says about her. Of course if he dares to criticize Moochele, he can add racist to the litany the Democrat news media have been/will be hitting him with. Or have they already gotten that one in? It’s hard to keep track when you ignore them as much as I do.

Via PJMedia

UPDATE:  He seems to have ignored her, like most of the country does most of the time. I mean, occasionally the biased media calls her elegant, or some such nonsense. As a  Chewbacca-stand in, I suppose she is, when compared to the other wookies in Star Wars.

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