Party transformations

I often quote commenters at the Wall Street Journal’s site because they are so good. Comes one Joel Lumer to outdo them all. He underscores the obvious (but rarely spoken) impending transformation of our major political parties.

“…the Democrat Party has become the party of the rich, financial elites, political and media establishments, nomenklatura and bureaucratic apparatchniks. What the pundits are missing is that Republican party is transforming into a party of the working class and [what’s left of the] middle class…

“The new Republican voter sees that the S&P 500 index went from 670 in March 2009 to 2100 in 2016, while the median household income remained flat – and says something is wrong. They no longer want the old pros. They want someone who can represent people who ride the bus, shop at WalMart, eat at McDonalds, and take their clothes to the laundromat.”

And, I would add, someone who sees that the system is rigged against them and says it loud and clear. We’ll soon see whether there are enough of them to make him president.


2 responses to “Party transformations

  1. Horse doovers, Dick. He has somehow managed to forget the black and brown voters, most certainly NOT traditional elites, who continue to flock to the democrat banner.

  2. Actually the polls that break down likely voters by race or ethnicity show them backing the Republicans more than ever—the Hispanics and blacks who don’t like competing with low-wage illegals and the blacks who are finally waking up to the screwing they’ve been getting from the Democrats after eight years of Obama.