The giant graft machine

First up when the Hildafelon is inaugurated as president and gets her paws on the giant graft machine known as the federal government is a new scheme to control private 401Ks, hopefully not older ones like mine but only the newer ones to come. With a built-in skim for the benefit of the Ruling Class.

“You would be forgiven for thinking that this sounds a lot like organized crime. That’s because it is organized crime, except the criminals write the laws, thus legalizing their plunder. This is a feature of the managerial state. It is the big rake. Instead of the criminals eluding the state in order to plunder the people, the criminals acquire credentials, which are a license to skim off a portion of middle class wealth. The whole point of winning office or gaining access is so you can get a taste of the skim.”

Which is what would make a Trump presidency so interesting. And so threatening to what the some call the administrative state but here the Z man calls the managerial state. Not to mention the whole Ruling Class.

‘Cause the billionaire conceivably wouldn’t need the skim the Hildafelon and Slick Willie need so bad they salivate at the very thought. Trump very likely would not play the game. You see now why the system is rigged?

Via the Z Man.

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