Why You Shouldn’t Trust Election Reporting

Because the dominant news media is Democrat and it works for the government.

“Tragically, our national media now sees itself as part of the government, and as a consequence, the media’s mission to hold institutions accountable has been dropped entirely in favor of relentless agenda-pushing.”

So good luck finding out what really happened today. You’ll need a mix of sources, most of them on the Internet. Sort of like trying to find out the real unemployment figures over the past eight years of Obama’s lies.

Via The Daily Wire.

UPDATE:  For instance, can you believe the #ExitPolls, either when they show Trump ahead or behind? The former could be trying to suppress the rest of the Trump vote. The latter could be because Trumpets are shy to admit their support of the anti-PC candidate.

MORE: I’ve been following it on Twitter and PJMedia, with occasional glances at the NYT’s “forecast meter.” Well, occasional glances until it swung the braying she-ass (as the North Koreans call you-know-who) below a 50 percent chance of winning. Then boosted Trump to a 79 percent chance. And later to 87 percent. Wow. Just wow.

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