Thank you, white, working-class America

Mr. Boy and I are excited. We didn’t think the Trumpet could win. We drank the big media’s Kool Aid. And the big pollsters. And so on and so forth. But we are so happy to have had our stomachs pumped by reality. (Disgusting metaphor. Sorry.)

And, apparently, we have America’s finally-angry white working class to thank. Way to go Deplorables. You won’t be sorry. Lots of goony Leftists and the rest of the PC crowd will be. But you won’t. If anyone can convince the Congress (and a Republican Congress at that) to lower taxes, and cut back on regulations, thereby boosting the economy into creating more jobs, the Trumpet can. Not to mention seriously quelling those waves of low-wage illegal immigrants and refugees. Will it raise prices for the rest of us? Probably. But that’s real equity for a change.

Hell, after the rioting Leftists get tired of being tear-gassed and arrested, the previously-Stupid Party might even be able to bring back some manufacturing, at least light manufacturing. It could be a good time to be only a high school graduate again.

Is that wishful thinking? That’s what the Ruling Class said about the Trumpet winning. And now they’re all crying in their chardonnay. Woot!

UPDATE:  Trump’s victory speech, a bit rambling, of course, but basically telling. He was always a better person than the snooze media gave him credit for. Wall Street, too. Stocks are down, sure. My 401K took a hit, I’m sure, but it’s going to be good for the people who don’t have one.

4 responses to “Thank you, white, working-class America

  1. It ain’t over yet Stanley but……………………………………

  2. There’ll be lawsuits. There usually are. And the “braying ass” as the Norks call her, may need a while to publicly concede. Needs to sober up first. 😉

  3. After all the reading, I am not sure it’s the working class that did for Trump. It seems that about 7 mil Dems that didn’t come out to vote, most probably Bernie’s people, have done Hillary in. As for being happy with DT – let’s wait and see. I don’t feel good vibes coming from the man. Not yet.

    • Welcome back to the rancho, Mr. Contrary. We missed you.

      Your analysis is the Dem one. If only, etc. I believe mine, which was Trump’s strategy to get these people to the polls, is the correct one and will hold up after the others have been sorted. Not that he won only because of the working class. There were highly-educated medicos, among other college graduates, in his column as well.

      Probably the main thing that links them all is that they live in rural areas and small(er) cities than the ones she won, i.e. the big ones like NYC and LA which have been dominated for years by the Dem party. She thought they would be enough. They had been for a long time. She ignored the white working class, especially in the rural areas where he focused his campaign.

      I predict Trump will be one of our great presidents. And the best presidential friend Israel has had since Truman backed her formation in 1948. I was moved when I read that his beloved daughter Ivanka, a convert who had urged him to run, prayed at Chabad Rebbe Schneerson’s grave a few days before the election. But I’m a believer and I know you’re not.