Austin snowflakes march

A few hundred anti-Trumpets, judging from aerial photos at KVUE which shows them in a tight formation spanning the Congress Avenue bridge, blocked downtown bridges and streets Wednesday afternoon.

Here in leftist-land, the municipal pols force the cops to be indulgent of such blather. So the poor, triggered snowflakes, whose march reportedly started on the UTexas campus, probably will be allowed to break the law for a few hours, until they get tired and go home. Unless they start throwing bottles, like their counterparts in California have been doing.

This sort of thing is to be expected in President Trump’s foreseeable future: leftists throwing public tantrums, getting tear-gassed and arrested. It is to laugh. Poor wittle babies. Didn’t get their way. Their criminal bitch didn’t get elected.

UPDATE:  Mr. Boy, a high school junior of the (so far) conservative persuasion, said school was amusing today. Many triggered snowflakes visibly upset. Some classmates didn’t come to school at all, a group of girls wept in the library while watching Clinton’s concession speech, one teacher put off an exam until next week and during his English class the teacher put her head down on her desk for several minutes until she had regained her composure. He was happy the exam was postponed.

2 responses to “Austin snowflakes march

  1. Let them steam a bit. Unless they get violent, as it happens in a few places.

  2. I expect the violent ones are the “professional” agitators, like BLM, who move in and take over some relatively peaceful protest march. Otherwise the riot in leftist Portland, a city in a state that went for Clinton, makes no sense at all.