Mars in 70 days

“The results of NASA’s tests on the ‘impossible’ EM Drive have been leaked, and they reveal that the controversial propulsion system really does work, and is capable of generating impressive thrust in a vacuum, even after error measurements have been accounted for.”

This is propulsion without fuel. Mars in 70 days instead of 18 months. No bulky fuel tanks marring the design of your space vehicle. Moreover, no explosive fuel to worry about. Leaving the problem of shielding from cosmic rays to be resolved, but with considerable new incentive to do so.

Via Instapundit.

7 responses to “Mars in 70 days

  1. Yeah, I dunno. When a vehicle leaves earth orbit under power from that source, I’ll believe it. I wager I’ll croak before that.

  2. NASA would take a generation at least, for sure, but Bezos (Blue Origin) and Musk (SpaceX) might get on it really fast. Especially if a Trump admin follows up on Obama’s one achievement (i.e. encouraging private space race) and further greases the skids.

  3. Sorry Stanley for the back to back, but it seemed so appropriate:

  4. No worries. Post all of them you want. Although I still prefer David Bowie’s “Space Odyssey”

  5. Rats! It does seem to be a better choice. Must rethink all of this.

  6. I am not sure where the thing breaches the Newton’s third law, photons are known to have mass, but this is a major feather in the cap for NASA – if true. And no, this engine, if it works, couldn’t be used for lifting heavy weights from the surface of Earth, only to accelerate it from the orbit. But its impact (again, if true) will be enormous.

  7. Lifting to orbit, until we build a space elevator, will probably always require chemical rockets, or some version of a high-g rail gun for cargo. EM Drives are for in-space travel. Already, one not-so-good scifi novel I just completed, Colony One Mars, uses the EM Drive. There will be others.