Fidel, food for the worms at last

I briefly dated a girl in high school whose beloved grandparents had been murdered by the Castro regime. Saddest person I’d met up to that time and I’d been to the funeral of another classmate whose father had died of alcoholism.

I think of her every time I hear about that scumbag dictator Fidel, especially tonight hearing about his death at age 90. Only about 55 years too late for my friend. Pity he didn’t die decorating a lamp post.

I hope our little Barry Hussein has the good sense not to attend his funeral. But after eight years it’s pretty obvious that good sense and Barry aren’t too well acquainted.

UPDATE:  Fellow travelers at MSNBC, CNN and ABC praise the  murderous dictator for alleged successes. Fake news disguised as real news by professionals at fakery.

2 responses to “Fidel, food for the worms at last

  1. Hmm… hard to believe Obama will go for it. But stranger things have happened.

  2. Right now I’d take that bet.