What if Trump only had 260 electoral votes?

Green Party candidate Jill Stein’s move Friday to get a recount in Wisconsin is intriguing. Because she’s also going to file for recounts next week in Michigan and Pennsylvania. Wisconsin and Pennsylvania put Trump over. Michigan’s 16 electoral votes were icing on his pretty victory cake.

Intriguing because Stein’s asking each state to do the recount by hand and that could take (probably will take) longer than the Dec. 13 deadline for all votes to be in. The electoral college voters meet Dec. 19 to decide the election. Now, what if the three swing state recounts were delayed past Dec. 19? Would their 46 total electoral votes not be counted?

If that happened Trump would not have the 306 votes he now has. He’d have 260 and by election law, as I understand it, he has to have 270 to win. So would the election be thrown into the House of Reps for a decision?

Even if the House, which is majority GOP, were to declare Trump the winner, how long would that take? While the Never Trumpers fight it out? Maybe the idea here is to take the long shot of finding the thousands of extra votes it would take to give Felonia an extra 46 electoral votes to add to her 232 which would give her the presidency for the sure thing of at least humiliating The Donald. That’s just the sort of thing the Dems would like. A get-even for the Hagzilla.

What does Stein get out of it? Probably most of the $4 5 million she’s already raised for the recounts. Not for her purse (theoretically, but pols usually manage to steal some of their contributions) but for her party to educate voters between now and the congressional races in 2018. Obama reportedly is opposed to Stein’s recounts and Felonia is mum but this thing has Clinton campaign director John Podesta written all over it.

UPDATE: Hagzilla has joined Stein’s “effort.” And American Thinker’s Richard Baehr mostly agrees my idea is the Democrat aim, allegedly funded by their multitude of supporters but more likely by Soros and Hagzilla from her crooked foundation. If Trump still won’t pursue her prosecution after this graceless attack he’s a fool.

6 responses to “What if Trump only had 260 electoral votes?

  1. Shades of 2000 when Gore demanded recounting in Florida, then took results to US Supremes before losing. Dems never take losses gracefully.

  2. If the unthinkable should happen, let’s you and me and some of my friends gather up our long and short guns and head to DC.

  3. Recountings do have a tendency to “discover” theretofore “hidden” boxes of “overlooked” ballots in closets and so forth. Depends which party is doing the counting. This could become very unpleasant.

  4. I maintain that the Dems primary goal in this is to delegitamize Trump’s election like they did Bush’s. Now if they win anything more it would be just a windfall in their eyes. I believe they are seriously misjudging this whole thing. I think they really do believe (and think the entire country does also) in their own bought propaganda.
    If anything this shows the importance of Republican control of State legislatures. Their needs to be cleaning up of the election process. Voter identification, vote certification, better time limits, etc.
    All this being said, Trump still should cover all of this as closely as he can with lawyers etc.

  5. Indeed, they are out to humiliate Trump as they did Bush in 2000. See the American Thinker piece I appended to the update. And you can bet the Democrat media (news, entertainment, etc.) will be pounding him and his family and his grandchildren for his entire term. Just like they did Bush. Despicable bastards. I hope they never win another national election, but that’s probably too much to hope for.