Stein missed the deadline, ha ha

No wonder she drew only 1 percent of the national vote and is stupid enough to mourn for Castro. Jilly missed the Pennsylvania recount deadline by a week!

Presente, dumb butt! She is suing for a second chance, after missing the Nov. 21 deadline, so who knows. But, really, Jilly, stupid is as stupid does, you know?

The best part is if she doesn’t win a recount there, the 20 electoral votes Trump got from Pennsylvania will put him over the 270 needed. So he won’t have to worry whether Stein and Clinton succeed in delaying the electoral reporting in Michigan and Wisconsin.

He’ll still be inaugurated while the Hagzilla and her crony-in-crime are still recounting. If they bother at all, at that point, having lost their chance to humiliate him—which is all they were really after all along.

Via Instapundit.

UPSTATE: Wisconsin is recounting with the intention of making the deadline, Michigan begins Friday, Dec. 2, and whether Pennsylvania does awaits the outcome of a Stein lawsuit.

2 responses to “Stein missed the deadline, ha ha

  1. I’d still keep a close eye on all of this.

  2. Probably so. The PA gov is Democrat. Likewise in Michigan. But they need Wisconsin to pull it off and Wisconsin’s statehouse is Republican. And Wisconsin has refused the hand-count that would delay things, forcing them to sue.