PBS joins CNN in Bannon Bias

“In conclusion, it is clear that the PBS Newshour’s recent unfair treatment of allegations against Steve Bannon violated legal requirements that public broadcasting adhere to objectivity and balance in all matters of public controversy…”

In sum, our tax dollars are being used to subsidize the Democrat talking points more blatantly than ever. So-called “public” broadcasting has never been anything but leftist and now they are no more relevant to real journalism than the Clinton News Network and Nobody But Clinton. I hope Trump cuts their tax money and makes them do pledge drives 24/7. Soros can fund them.

CNN, by the way, is now whining that Trump has yet to hold a news conference so the Hagzilla’s lapdogs can pummel him with their usual bias. Boo hoo, he’s smarter than you. He trolls you on Twitter (jail flag burners, etc.) and bypasses you on YouTube.

Via Instapundit

2 responses to “PBS joins CNN in Bannon Bias

  1. It looks to me that some of the talk on TV is right. Trump can successfully bypass the media he doesn’t like. He is much better at the “new media” than obama was, though the O-man pretty much started it.

  2. Hmm I don’t remember Barry on Twitter. Trump practically campaigned on Twitter. And YouTube. He bought some television ads toward the end but not near as many as Hagzilla. Looks like he will keep it up. I hope so.