How’s that new beach house, Bernie?


In the history of actual socialism, the elite are the only ones who do well. As the newly starving population of socialist Venezuela would  be the first to tell you.

4 responses to “How’s that new beach house, Bernie?

  1. I find it hard to believe that Bernie didn’t know it was fixed from the beginning. His initial strong showing may have surprised even him, perhaps lulling him into thinking he might win after all, but at the very least it would up the price for him to go away. Progressives have very little soul to sell, but they are very keen on enhancing it’s monetary value and usually know it’s down to the penny or acre.
    I think back to the Rev. Jackson who got an airplane and a media seat, now it’s beachfront property.

  2. Should read “it’s worth down to the penny”.

  3. I know several Austin musicians who either voted for him or wanted to. They are great believers in more government freebies. Must now be in despair after Trump’s win.

  4. They are not called “the elite”, it is your lack of socialist experience. They are called “more equal among the equal” 😉