Trump and China

Trump is right to talk to Taiwan. Whenever he chooses. On whatever grounds. Let China bitch. We have bowed down to them for too long—8 long years to be precise.

Our little Barry Hussein, the U.S.’s bower-in-chief, has all but prostrated himself before one tyrant after another. Our resident weakling.

“In April of 2010 at international meeting in Washington Obama bowed deeply (a submissive gesture) to Hu [Jintao].  [China’s paramount leader] Hu stood erect and stared at Obama ( sign of dominance),” recalled WSJ commenter Rick Williams.

Can you imagine Trump bowing to any foreign leader? Queen Elizabeth, you say? I wouldn’t bet on it.


2 responses to “Trump and China

  1. Horse doovers, Dick. We’ve been kissing Chinese ass since Nixon. Started with him, and it’s gotten worse every year since. All the big corporations saw dollar signs dancing in their eyes, thinking about the new billion-person Chinese markets opening up. Without realizing that it would never really happen. That was just a lever they used to gain access to OUR markets and technical expertise and secrets.

  2. Nixon didn’t bow. To my knowledge no one but Barry has ever bowed. It’s all changing now and even faster soon. Hold onto your hat.