Fireside tweets

“But FDR made people feel like he cared, even though he was a rich man from New York who had never been poor himself. Now another rich man from New York seems to be repeating the formula. FDR gave the Democrats two decades of political dominance. Today’s Democrats should be worrying that Trump could do the same for the Republican Party.”

Once he’s vetoed a few of their ill-considered bills and they’ve moved into cooperation mode. Although we can only hope Trump doesn’t turn into an FDR with a blizzard of new agencies. Seems unlikely for a man who wants to cut taxes and prune business regulations. Shoot, he might even cancel a few agencies.

But my favorite of his early policies isn’t the fireside tweet. It’s the way he’s turned meet the press into delete the press. They need him. He sure as hell doesn’t need them.

Via Instapundit.

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