More fake news

The WaPo (who else besides the NYslimes?) is whining about Trump’s retired generals—two in the cabinet and one as an adviser. Even pretending there has been independent (as opposed to WaPo generated) concern about a military dictatorship-in-the-making.

Such a selective memory, these Democrat lapdogs display when it’s convenient to their politics. In 2008, president-elect Obama likewise nominated three flag officers, two generals and an admiral. There was nary a peep of concern.

Via Drudge and Washington Examiner

UPDATE:  Meanwhile, right on schedule, after eight years of downplaying homelessness because it might reflect on the lousy Democrat economy, guess what the Democrat lapdog media is suddenly concerned about? Yep.

5 responses to “More fake news

  1. Yeah, but it’s the KIND of general they are objecting about. The Bronco Bama generals were the wussy, paper-shuffling, kind. Trump’s are… different.

  2. Good point. But they’re not making that argument, just the oh, why so many military, etc. They are such losers. It’s going to be fun watching him freeze them out.

  3. My answer would be “George Marshall installed by a Democrat” and revered.

  4. Heh… the symmetry of accusations is, probably, born in first democracy. Small price to pay, I would say.