The Russians did it

That’s how the Trumpet won, you see. The Rooskies hacked the election to keep the feared Hildabitch from becoming president.

It wasn’t her lackluster $1.2 billion campaign (to his mere $600 million one), in which she never once visited the battleground states of Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. It wasn’t her multiple email illegalities and the FBI’s on-again, off-again investigation of them. Nor even her multiple lies, covered-up obvious health problems and overall stupidity.

Nope. It was Russia!

UPDATE: Unless… All those mendacious federal statistical chickens of lowering unemployment and Obamacare progress finally came home to roost.

And Trump’s reaction? A bronx cheer. And more.

MORE:  The Dim news media, masters of fake news who fought him and backed her throughout the campaign, are now (just as you would expect) piling on.

2 responses to “The Russians did it

  1. As I keep carping, I still have my doubts about who it was exactly Russians rooted for. And here, from a totally unexpected and much despised source:

    Go figure…

  2. Even toadies like Greenwald can be embarrassed by journalistic incompetence, which is the finest definition of the WaPo available. The whole foofarah is pure bullshit. The main reason is that very few American voting machines are linked to the Internet. So they can’t be hacked from Russian or anywhere else. In fact, most of them aren’t even linked to each other in the same precinct. So they’d need thousands of operatives in every precinct in the land to “hack” the machines on the same day, even the same evening, in amazing coordination. Gimme a break.