You say you want a revolution…

Ten electoral college electors, unidentified by party but probably mostly Democrats since one of them is House minority leader Nancy Pelosi’s daughter, are trying to overturn Trump’s victory. And the Felonia is backing them.

“We further require a briefing on all investigative findings, as these matters directly impact the core factors in our deliberations of whether Mr. Trump is fit to serve as President of the United States.”

The Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania recounts failed to get what she wanted, so now she’ll try to undermine his electoral win.

She won’t succeed in overturning the election. So there’s no reason to wish she would be the first casualty of the revolution she’s trying to provoke. Instead she and her lapdog media pals will be doing the best they can to undermine Trump at every turn.

His term will be like Bush Jr’s first one in most respects. Constant backbiting, street demonstrations, ridicule and mockery from every angle of himself, his wife, his young son and his grown children. The NYSlimes has already thrown down the gauntlet. There will be more.

Hildabitch, indeed.

Via Breitbart News

4 responses to “You say you want a revolution…

  1. We (Trump Administration & Congress) need to look very closely at government monetary support for educational entities. Also any behind the scenes subsidies for media. Also tax breaks for media (Hollywood, etc). If there is a Constitutional Convention, the first thing to be looked at would be the legal status of Electorial College members from the various states.
    Also the first steps (and I think I may see them coming) of confronting and breaking the regulatory power of the bureauocracy.

  2. These are the bases of the lefts strength, support, and ideology. They meed to be thoroughly examined and reformed. If not reformed then a sever cut of funding is due.

  3. Electoral “college” is just a name. Electors are chosen by the parties in a state and according to where the electoral votes go they get chosen to put in their vote. Only one Texas Republican so far has said he will break his vow to vote as directed and last I heard the state party was moving to name someone else.

    I can’t imagine Congress even calling a constitutional convention let alone two thirds of the states agreeing as they would have to. The Dims will bluster and blather but let it go at that.

    I agree there are a lot of things Trump needs to do, but he may not be able to do very many. He will be fought every step of the way by the news media, the Dims and his own party, whose leadership did not support his nomination or his campaign. He may wind up having to issue executive orders just as Barry did for a lot of things—and all of them easily overturned by the president who succeeds him. I hope he fights the leadership and vetoes some of their pet laws and then maybe they’ll become more cooperative. But all in all I would not expect him to be able to drain any swamps any time soon. Take a few barrels full of water from a few of them maybe but not drain them.

  4. I don’t expect him to either, but a start must be made and a fight must be pursued, regardless of how hard or painful it may be.