Milestone: Mr. B. is a driver

Mr. Boy passed his DPS driving test Wednesday afternoon and is now a fully qualified, permanently-licensed Texas non-commercial automobile driver.

Later that night he made his first solo run in Mrs. Charm’s sedan to our local CVS to buy some Xmas stuff. Shrugged it off as being no big deal. But I doubt it. I remember my first one. He’ll drive the sedan henceforth because it’s an automatic and mine is a stick which he doesn’t know how to use.

6 responses to “Milestone: Mr. B. is a driver

  1. NOW, you’ll worry.

  2. Probably, but I’ll work at accepting whatever happens. I told him I’ll help on gas (and, of course, foot the insurance) but any fines will be his own to pay.

  3. It’s easy to say that, about the fines, but when they come to haul him off to jail, will you stick to your guns, or pay his fine?

    I paid.

  4. Personal history predicts he has one accident forthcoming -at least one.

  5. jdallen,
    When I was young and possibly landed in jail (won’t admit it), if I had been asked whether my father should called, my reply would have been “For god sakes no, I want to stay in the Land of the Living and this is the safest place there is.

  6. As godawful as Austin traffic has become, it wouldn’t surprise me if he has an accident. Parking lots are the worst for people not paying attention and I’ve warned him about that repeatedly. But how many 16-year-olds pay attention to anything but their own thoughts?