Investigating voter fraud

It’s a good idea, long overdue, and especially because Hussein and his party minions so often claimed there was no such thing. But of course there is, from Cook County, Illinois’s voting of the dead to help elect JFK to California’s probable 2016 fraud by illegal immigrants who were issued driver’s licenses they could use for i.d. So i.d. is not a panacea. Purple fingers might be.

Scrubbing the voter registration rolls for phonies would be even better.

Voter fraud is very much a Democrat thing and has been since at least Tammany Hall. And Trump will have to face it all over again in 2018, gambling that the fraudsters won’t take back the House or a significant part of it, to block his agenda, and again in 2020 when he’s already indicated he will run for a second term.

So anything he can do to change it will be as good for him as for the country.

Via Instapundit

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